Art Licks Editions fundraise for the organisation's commissioning projects and festival.

Its recent 'House Work' series is run in partnership with London project-space, 53 Beck Road.

Art Licks launched in 2010 and has since grown to provide an essential platform and voice for the lesser-known and under-represented activities that form the grassroots of visual culture in London. Art Licks exists as a weekly online listing, tours, printed magazine, commissioning programme and annual festival.

Art Licks takes positive risks in supporting artists at early stages in their careers and believes that artists can best discern the priorities of their time – the artists that Art Licks works with are the opinion formers of our cultural future and should be supported as such, to allow for innovative and forward-thinking practices and ideas to develop.

Each year the Art Licks grows, develops and works with more and more artists. With the ever-shrinking opportunities for public funding it is imperative that Art Licks can initiate funds independently for its work to continue and its Editions series is a positive and fun way for Art Licks to raise these funds.

Art Licks Editions in the press: Emerald Street, The Art Newspaper, Apollo, The Buck Stopped Here, a-n.