Pio Abad Tea Towel


Image of Pio Abad Tea Towel

Tea towel designed by the artist, Pio Abad.

Edition of 100
48cm (w) x 82cm (h)
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"For A.L.T., I have made a range of tea towels referencing a 1923 textile design produced by Liubov Popova featuring a hammer and sickle pattern. In my version, the images are more elaborate and the ideology fully compromised, the workers hammer is replaced with a champagne flute - Popova's pattern transformed into a tea towel more suited for preparing dinners during these ideologically troubled times." - Pio Abad

Pio Abad’s practice is concerned with the social and political signification of things. Often taking on the form of domestic accessories, Abad’s artworks glide seamlessly between different histories, enacting quasi-fictional combinations with their leftovers. Since graduating from the Royal Academy in 2012, Pio Abad has exhibited at Gasworks, London; Whitechapel Gallery, London; Mackintosh Museum, Glasgow; EVA International Biennial, Limerick; e-flux, New York City; Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong; 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney; and the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MCAD) Manila.

Photos: Jack Hems


Image of Pio Abad Tea Towel